We revolutionize the car claim process with AI car damage evaluation and repair cost estimation tools.

Car Damage Detection

Repair cost estimation and end-to-end claim processing for light to medium scale car accidents.

Cutting-Edge AI

Our bleeding-edge AI allows us to create consistently reliable damage reports in a fraction of the cost and time

Scalable Solutions

We cut down the need for computational and data needs to provide scalable solutions.

About Us

We are Archmir, an insurtech startup dedicated to bringing high-tech to the insurance industry. We developed a smart car claim solution that utilizes our cutting edge tech to estimate the repair costs and provide other auxiliary info to the insurance companies by detecting and analyzing damages on car body parts from photos and videos, a problem that was thought to be too hard for computers not so long ago. 

Our Tech

To reach accuracy levels comparable to human performance, we use the next-generation deep learning algorithms we developed. Behind the scenes, a huge computational muscle powers our AI and enables us to make the future possible. On top of all this, we developed a simulation based approach to reduce labeled real-world data dependencies to almost none.

Our Team

Our team maintains an effective mix of development experience and leadership in order to provide innovative solutions required for the unique problem at our hands. We have been working closely with seasoned car appraisal experts to bring their knowledge down into bare metal, enabling us to deliver accurate results.

Our Partners