We revolutionize the car claim process with AI car damage evaluation and repair cost estimation tools.


Who Are We?

We are Archmir, an insurtech startup dedicated to bring high-tech artificial intelligence into the industry to better off everybody. We are working on a smart car claim solution which utilizes bleeding edge technology to detect damages from the scene photos and estimate the repair costs. To learn more about our team, see Our Team

Our Solutions

Smart Claims

Car damage detection, repair cost estimation and end-to-end claim processing for light to medium scale car accidents.

Latest advancements in technology have enabled computers to perform some tasks on a super-human level for some time. Today, we took this to the future, and generated the next level AI, capable of detecting and analyzing damages in car body parts, a problem which was thought to be too hard for computers not so long ago. We’re proud to announce our smart claim service which can handle light to medium scale damages without any human interruption, even giving a final estimate for the repair costs.

Modular APIs

Object detection, part segmentation, damage identification

We know that AI, in itself is an area with huge entry barriers, requiring lots of expertise. So, we provide modular APIs of our core intermediary layers as SaaS, helping you to focus on what you want to do rather than spending your efforts elsewhere.

Our Tech

Cutting edge Deep Learning Algorithms are trained and stored on secure and powerful server farms.

To reach accuracy levels comparable to human performance, we use the next generation deep learning algorithms we developed. Behind the scenes, a huge computational muscle powers our AI and enables us to make the future possible. To learn more about our tech, see Our Technology.

Our Value

Easy to Integrate

Our service is easily integratable for major companies with congested workflows.

Cuts Down the Costs

Light to medium scale accidents take up to 60% of the all accidents. Our AI is able to process the majority of car claims without requiring human expertise.

Available and Convenient

It’s much easier to take a photo of your cracked bumper than to call in an expert. Archmir is available anytime, anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection.

Time Saver

We remove the unnecessary intermediaries and save everybody’s time.


Our core AI is very capable and can be used for other automatable tasks such as disaster recovery as well.


Our cloud solutions scale much better than physical labor, more so with our smart scheduling methods.

Secure and Trustworthy

We use the most secure servers available for both our computing and storage needs to keep your data safe.


Thanks to the modularity of our system, we can provide different modules as different products, specially tailored to each customers needs.

Our Team

Our team maintains an effective mix of development experience and leadership in order to provide innovative solutions required for the unique problem at our hands. We have been working closely with seasoned car appraisal experts to bring their knowledge down into bare metal, enabling us to deliver accurate results.

Mustafa is an accomplished developer and entrepreneur.

Mustafa Cakir

Executive Lead

Talha is a creative and productive engineer with a focus on machine learning and software optimization.

Talha Saruhan

Technology Lead

Utku Eroglu

Business Management

Ilker is a well-known expert and the founder of the biggest expertise firms in Istanbul.

Ilker Kutsal


Keep in Touch

You can reach us anytime for professional or non-professional inquiries. Also, share your thoughts, we’d love to hear from you.